Babitha's 'Brighter Side of Blue' is a special album for us because it was the first to be recorded at the studio. We worked ten days straight right after the world was opening up, and by many respects this album woke us out of that strange slumber to the beautiful songs of Imogen Grist.

Recording engineer: Bowen Shakallis, Cody Munro Moore
Mastering Engineer: Nick Franklin
Label: Spunk Records/Universal Music
Released: Jan 20th 2023

Body Type have spent more hours in the studio than most due to long days writing songs in the evening after we were still putting the finishing touches on the studio during the day. They'd come in with guitars and hommus and get to work. Expired Candy = Instant Classic.

Recording engineer: Bowen Shakallis
Mix and Producer: Jono Boulet
Label: Poison City Records
Released: June 2nd 2023

Classic recorded their debut album 'Did you have fun?' with Bowen in the studio and Snowy mixed it. Five songwriters from different beginnings who poured themselves into their work. Songs like Jupiter explode in a euphony of skyrocketing harmonies.

Recording Engineer: Bowen Shakallis & Cody Munro Moore
Mix Engineer: Snowy
Label: Blossom Rot Records
Released: March 17th, 2023

The Morning Star's debut album was recored in the harsh winter of 2022. The quick growth of the album was supported by a few local musicians who layered their hearts over the ever-twisting imagination and work ethic of two people writing together for the first time.

Recording and mixing engineer: Cody Munro Moore & Ali Mollica
Released: March 2023
Label: Stranded Recording Studios 

'Partly Cloudy' is FT's second record. We're not sure where this album started, but we do remember it was finished on April '22.  Charles had a little bit more vocals to do, but 'little' and 'Charles' don't really go together. A huge album with both the sombre and the sublime creating magnitudes of wisdom and joy.

Recording Engineer: Bowen Shakallis & Cody Munro Moore
Mixing Engineer: John Lee
Label: Spunk
Released: September 2023

Dead Witch are a force to be reckoned with. From bed tracks with the full band to guitar and vocal days with individuals stepping into the limelight, a really great rock EP was created. They have gone on to play with some amazing Australian bands. I'm sure there will only be more to come.

Chimers came in and did one day in the studio and recorded enough songs to open a record store. Turn On The Lights/Closure went separately to the 10" release of Generator/Tooth. These songs are personal, invigorating and fist pumpingly good.

Recorded and Mixed: Cody Munro Moore
Released: Jan 2023
Label: Independent

'Punch The Shark' is the backed-up hard-hitting second EP from Sydney's Sweetie. They found a rhythm working with Jono Boulet at Stranded. They covered ground quickly. Perhaps it was the voluminous amount of live shows they were playing but the energy comes through like a hole punch on leather.

Recording Engineer: Christoper Hancock
Mixing and Producing: Jono Boulet
Label: Blossom Rot Records
Released: June 2023