MCI JH24 16 Channel 2” tape machine
Tascam TSR8 8 Channel ½ inch tape machine


1981 Auditronics 720. 30 Channel Inline Console w/ Valley People Preamps & Jenson Output Transformers
1970’s Yamaha M512 12 channel “JapaNeve” mixer
1970’s  Yamaha M508 8 channel “JapaNeve” mixer


1 x Sennheiser MD 441-U
1x AKG D112
1x AKG D25 (vintage w/shockmount)
1x AKG D125
1 x Beyer Dynamic M88 TG
1 x Electro-Voice RE20
4x Shure SM57
2x Shure SM58
1x Shure SM7B
1x Shure Beta 57a
1x Sennheiser MD441
1x Shure Beta52 clone
5x Rode M1

2 x Avenson STO-2
1 x Neumann U64 Cardoid SDC tube 
2 x Neumann U67
1x Rode K2 Condenser w/ Vintage Amperex tube
1x Rode NTK Condenser Vintage Amperex tube
2x Rode TF5 SDC pair
2x Rode NT5 SDC pair
1 x Microtech Gefell UM70S
1 x Microtech UM70
1 x Peluso 2247se Neumann 47 clone
1 x Soyuz SU19 “Bomblet” Condenser

2x Coles 4038 (matched pair)
1x Rode NTR Ribbon Mic
2x Shinybox Audio LD Ribbon
2x Toshiba Type B Ribbon (RCA 44BX style)

Outboard FX︎︎︎

1970’s Watkins Copycat Tape Delay
1970’s Dynacord Eminent 100 Mixer with Tape Delay 
Audioscape XL305 Spring Reverb

Outboard Preamps︎︎︎

2 x EZ1290 Neve Style preamps
2 x Telefunken V672
Buzzaudio Channel Strip ARC 1.1
Sebatron VMP 4000 4 Channel Tube Pre
2 x Warm Audio WA12 Preamps
2 x Vintech 573’s
Soyuz Analog Launcher

Outboard EQ︎︎︎

2x JLM audio PEQ500 Pultec style
1 x Custom Hand Wired Pultec style EQ
2 x Harrison 32 EQ
SSL Fusion

Outboard Compressors︎︎︎

IGS Tubecore Mastering Stereo Compressor
Omniversal LN1176 stereo compressor
Klark Teknik 2A-KT Optical Compressor
Klark Teknik 76-KT FET Compressor
Sebatron SMAC Stereo/Dual Mono Optical Compressor
RNC Stereo Compressor
Warm Audio WA-2A

Monitoring ︎︎︎

Pair Neumann KH120 Monitors
Neumann KH810 studio Sub
Avantone Mixcube


1960’s Gretsch Round Badge 20/13/16
1970’s Premier Mahogany Kit 22/12/14/16
Ludwig Club Date Reissue 20/12/14
Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5
1970’s Ludwig Acrolite 14x5
1980’s Pearl Jupiter COB 14x5
15” Zildjian Kerope Hihats
14” Zildjian New Beat Hihats (vintage)
14” Dream Bliss Hihats
18” Dream Bliss Crash
22” Dream Bliss Crash/Ride


1964 Moody BA17 (handwired in Sydney)
Fender Hotrod Deluxe
Vox AC30
Fender Stratocaster Mexican
1984 Fender Jaguar American


1963 Golden Tone Bass Combo
Ampeg SVT Classic 4x10 cab
Mark Bass solid state head
1977 Fender Musicmaster American Bass


Yamaha Electone (Grandmother)
Kohler and Campbell Piano (tuned)
Rhodes Mk1 Electric Piano
Mellotron M4000D
Dave Smith Mopho