Recording, Producing & Mixing in the Illawarra since 2021.

16 Bellambi Lane

Stranded Recording Studios was built and established in 2021 by Bowen Shakallis and Cody Munro Moore. 

With a spacious 55m2 live room, Stranded is built to encourage a performative reaction from artists and songwriters. We believe this helps convey the spirit and sentiment needed to create truly lasting music. 

At the technical heart of the studio is a hand-made in Memphis 30 channel Auditronics 720, paired with a MCI JH16 2” Tape Machine. We encourage artists to record to tape for the sonic qualities of this medium and the immediacy it demands. 

We have an array of vintage instruments, amplifiers, microphones, outboard preamps, EQ’s, compressors & tape delays of different sonic colours to help the artist create music that is both timeless and unique.